Top 10 famous Cities in China

  • January 22, 2022

1. Beijing

Beijing is a charming city, with both classical charm and a fashionable atmosphere. Small hutong, old teahouse, trendy bar street, bustling business district, infinite modern elements blend with the authentic Beijing flavor of old Beijing, building a broad and profound cultural heritage and orthodox and elegant way of life. The must-go attractions to Beijing are not Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, and the Great Wall. In addition, they can be diversified according to people's interests. Whether it is couples or parent-child travel, yearning for royal monuments or fashion blocks, you can find the most suitable place in Beijing.

2. Shanghai

When you come to Shanghai, you will never feel like there is nothing to do. You can go to the Bund to enjoy the night style, go to Tianping Road and Hunan Road in Xuhui District to find the most beautiful old houses, and get the experience in the old Shanghai The precipitation of history, or simply also completely small money, go to Tianzifang, Xintiandi sit meditation, let time passes; Hengshan Road bar street to drink carnival; 1933 old factory these art warehouses to see the Chinese and Western art charm. Finally, don't forget to board the Oriental Pearl and look at this international metropolis.

3. Guangzhou

This is the hometown of Guangdong food, shopping paradise, a place of cultural exchanges, it is also a southern city with a sense of history and modern coexistence. The city is always so warm and hot; every street in the city, bright, full of fascinating charm, whether those exquisite European buildings, those with Lingnan charm of commercial arcade, even the noisy stalls at night, will make people deeply in love with the city.

4. Hongkong

If you just to feel the bustling here, women fall in love with blood, the children fall in love with dream Disney, but the essence of Hong Kong is in his night, you can go to central LAN Kwai fang point a cup of red wine all night, in star wheel swim port, or on the top of the mountain cable car on the Taiping peak, overlooking Victoria port charming night, feel the rhythm of Hong Kong neon lights. And Hong Kong, there is quiet time, go to Lantau Island, experience the staggering time; go to the sea bay, enjoy, brushed by the romance of the sea breeze; go to Stanley, fine taste of the old European style; go to Nanya Island, let the heart, do a yoga; go to Saigon, look for the former fishing port style, and let you see a different Hong Kong.

5. Huangshan

This "the first strange mountain in the world" is taken from "the mountain of the emperor".Since ancient times, there is a classic famous sentence "the five mountains return do not see the mountains, Huangshan return do not see the mountains" engraved in my mind, did not feel strange, only amazed after swimming. Huangshan Mountain is famous for the "five wonders" of strange pines, strange stones, a sea of clouds, hot springs, and winter snow. And cast "five unique" must not mention 82 peaks, or Cui Wei vigorous, or beautiful, natural coincidence, especially and peak, lotus peak, the bright top three main peaks is the most fascinating. Whether it is the beauty of the sun, or the beauty of the charm, or the romantic beauty of the blooming flowers in March, even in the snow everywhere holy beauty... are difficult to describe the "beauty of Huangshan", only for you to feel personal.

6. Xi’an

If China were a towering tree, Beijing would have been the crown, while Xi'an was the root of the tree going deep underground. Xi 'an, known as Chang' an in ancient times, was the imperial capital since ancient times. Here, China's precipitation and deposits of thousands of years still quietly continue. Some people say that in Xi'an, any place, dig down may appear a pile of Qin bricks and Han tiles, a few national treasures. Although exaggerated, as an ancient capital, Xi'an is indeed rich in historical relics and cultural relics. Today, a building and a pile of tombs can not completely represent the city, now xi 'a city wall, goose tower towering, the eye is tall buildings, streets throughout all kinds of restaurants, academy door antique scholarly stained with pen business, Defu lane street modern bar and cafe is the young people's night paradise. Ancient and modern times collide with Xi'an.

Xi'an is the capital with the largest and most influential dynasties in Chinese history. In the Records of the Grand Historian, it is known as "Thousands of Jincheng, Land of Abundance".Most of the scenic spots in Xi'an are historical sites, and the ancient city wall, the big goose pagoda, bell (drum) building can not be missed.

7. Hangzhou

Hangzhou, northeast of Zhejiang, has a history of more than 2,200 years since the Qin Dynasty was established. The Five Dynasties, Wuyue, and the Southern Song dynasties were appointed here. This place, called the "heaven on earth", had all the mountains, springs, lakes, bridges, towers, and temples, and the colors of the scenery began to diversify. Along the West Lake, the city and the park are no boundaries; lush vegetation integrates with small shops, which is an interesting place in Hangzhou, surrounded by nature, but not away from the city.

8. Tibet

Tibet can be called the most "extreme" place on earth, with the ultimate beauty, high height, and sacred perfection. If you don't reach an altitude of more than 5,000 m, feel the tightening of your lungs in the thin air, open your eyes in the dazzling sun, and experience the lighter life in the sharply falling temperature, you won't be able to understand what the word means. Tibet has not only its unique plateau snow scenery but also its charming southern style. The cultural landscape integrated with this nature also makes Tibet have a truly unique charm in the eyes of travelers.

Taste the authentic Tibetan meal —— drink highland barley wine, taste butter tea, eat yak meat. Listen to a debate, feel the extensive and profound Tibetan Buddhism. In the wind Xi clouds flying mountain, cast the wind horse. Under the blue sky and lakes, in the arms of the snow mountains and grasslands, bathe in the sun, absorb the vast gifts of nature. One hand gently shakes the small meridian, one hand dial the big meridian standing by the wall, walking along the turn road.

9. Chongqing

Chongqing is surrounded by mountains and built by the mountains. The intersection of the Yangtze River and the Jialing River, also known as the River City, is also known as the mountain city. The mountain city night is the most famous scene in Chongqing. Standing on many viewing platforms, you can have a panoramic view of the two rivers and enjoy the so-called "night worth millions of dollars", which has a unique flavor. Chongqing hot pot is famous all over the world, spicy and fresh fragrance, the more you eat, the cooler, you can not stop. Chongqing is rich in beauty, Jiefangbei, Guanyinqiao and other popular business districts are good areas to beat the beauty. Therefore, night scene, hot pot, beauty, are the three name cards of Chongqing. In addition, there is also the "fog capital Chongqing", "dynamic Chongqing" nicknames.

10. Harbin

Harbin is a city full of European style, with the broken aristocratic atmosphere and melancholy, cold Russian temperament and the northeast bold and rough two into one, forming a unique urban style of Harbin. In Harbin, the European style architecture must-see, you can go to the central street filled with the European style to sweep the street, only enjoy the occupation, Gothic, Baroque, Turkey, Tatar and other styles of buildings left by the Russians, you can stand in front of the Sophia Cathedral to see the white dove dance. Or go to Gogol street to see the bright night scene under the European style, but the most attractive, is to go to the old road, from a street to eleven streets not only have the most amazing Baroque buildings but also the most market taste of Harbin, the first really "pass the east" and come to Harbin, mostly live outside the road.


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