Top 10 Travel Destinations in the Bahamas

  • March 21, 2022

1. Atlantis Paradise Island

This splashy, salmon-pink resort, which dominates the skyline on Paradise Island, evocatively recreates the mythology of Atlantis in a luxury hotel, entertainment complex, aquarium, and water park. It is regarded as one of the best resorts in the Bahamas. The famed 141-acre Aquaventure is open to hotel guests for free. One of the most popular things to do in Paradise Island is to spend a day in this whimsical waterscape. Slide down high-speed slides like the Leap of Faith, splash about in more than 20 swimming areas, or relax on the Lazy River Ride.

At the Atlantis Bahamas marine ecosystem, hammerhead sharks and swordfish swim through glistening open-air pools. This region also has a lot of stores, restaurants, and entertainment options. The sea fantasy motif

2. Nassau

Despite the swarms of camera-toting tourists, Nassau, Bahamas, one of the most popular cruise ship ports in the Caribbean, manages to fascinate visitors. If you're looking for things to do in Nassau, you'll be spoiled for choice. Enjoy the white beaches of Cable Beach, stroll through downtown and Bay Street's stores, restaurants, museums, and candy-colored colonial architecture, and browse the Nassau Straw Market for gifts.

A day excursion to Blue Lagoon Island, a short catamaran sail from Nassau, allows animal lovers to interact with dolphins, while Ardastra Gardens, Zoo, and Conservation Center is a fun site to visit for families, with endangered and threatened species set among four acres of tropical gardens.

3. Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park

Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park is home to some of the Bahamas' most beautiful seascapes. Electric blue water combines with bone-white sand to create a stunning setting for a variety of water sports. The park is a no-take zone and marine protected area located on the remote eastern tip of the Bahamas, and it is the first of its sort in the Caribbean. Divers and boaters flock to the area for the excellent anchorages, abundant marine life, and crystal-clear waters. Divers and snorkelers might expect visibility of 30 meters or more on a good day.

The most usual ways to see this underwater beauty are on private boats or on liveaboard diving experiences. Fishing and shelling are prohibited within the park's boundaries. 

4. Harbour Island

Harbour Island, located northeast of its larger sister Eleuthera, has long been a haven for the wealthy and famous. It is one of the oldest communities in the Bahamas, as well as the site of the first Bahamian parliament, and is affectionately nicknamed by residents as "Briland."

But there's more to Harbour Island than lovely houses and fascinating history. Its stunning pink-sand beaches are among the Caribbean's most beautiful, and its stylish resorts entice discerning guests from all around. Diving, snorkeling, fishing, and sunbathing along the rosy-hued shoreline are all popular activities. 

5. Grand Bahama Island

Grand Bahama Island, the northernmost of the Bahamas' islands, is a favorite destination for cruise ships and package visitors. Freeport, the Bahamas' capital, is the country's second-largest city, though Port Lucaya has surpassed it as a tourist destination for shopping, dining, and entertainment.

The marina is a favorite hangout for tourists and sailors, and the Port Lucaya Marketplace sells jewelry, straw goods, and other handicrafts. Despite the island's big all-inclusive resorts and hotels, there are ways to dodge the crowds. Grand Bahama is home to one of the world's longest underwater cave systems. Nature lovers can see a variety of native bird species in the three national parks, or book a dolphin encounter in the Garden of the Groves' lush plantings.

6. Andros Island

Andros, the largest landmass in the Bahamas, is a refuge for fishermen and divers. The island is home to the world's third-biggest barrier reef, as well as several freshwater blue holes and underwater caverns, creating an underwater paradise for those who enjoy diving. Fly fishing is also popular in Andros, which is known as the world's bonefishing capital due to its optimal environments for this valued species. The huge marshes of the island produce canals that are ideal for fishing and boating.

With five national parks, Andros has the greatest protected area in the Bahamas. The abundant birdlife on the mudflats, mangrove swamps, and woodlands, as well as the island's eco-resorts, will appeal to nature lovers.

7. Elbow Cay

Elbow Cay in the Abacos, located across the sheltered Sea of Abaco from the boating hub of Marsh Harbour, has all the charm of a New England-style fishing community. The main streets of Hope Town, the island's major settlement, are lined with colorful cottages, and the center of town is closed to automobiles, giving it a relaxing, village air. Hope Municipality, known for its candy-striped lighthouse, is home to a booming ex-pat community who enjoy the island's beautiful palm-lined beaches, closeness to Marsh Harbour, the country's third-largest town, and good boating options.

8. Green Turtle Cay

Green Turtle Cay in the Abacos is like going back in time to the old Bahamas as you stroll the streets. This calm, five-kilometer-long island, located east of Great Abaco, is a popular retreat for those seeking peace and quiet. In the tranquil village of New Plymouth, a sleepy community of picket-fenced pastel houses scattered with a few modest businesses and museums, golf carts are the principal form of transportation.

Visitors may see locals haul in their catch of crawfish and conch from the harbor's fishing boats. Bonefishing is another popular activity in this area. Swimming, diving, snorkeling, and boating are all available on the island's magnificent reef-fringed beaches and crystal-clear waters.

9. Biminis

For good reason, Bimini is recognized as the "Big Game Fishing Capital of the Bahamas." From March to September, the island holds major deep-sea fishing contests, and its proximity to the Gulf Stream attracts a dazzling range of marine life, including everything from marlin to mahi-mahi and manta rays. North Bimini, South Bimini, and other cays extending south from Pigeon Cay to South Cat Cay make up the fishhook-shaped cluster of islands. 

The fishhook-shaped cluster of islands includes North Bimini, South Bimini, and other cays extending south from Pigeon Cay to South Cat Cay. Bimini Island is the closest of the islands to the United States, being about 88 kilometers east of Miami, Florida.

10. Long Island

Long Island, one of the most beautiful islands in the Bahamas, is located in the southern half of the archipelago, off the main path. Long Island is ideal for those who enjoy an unspoiled environment. The island, which is about 130 kilometers long and only seven kilometers wide, is a region of contrasts, with sandy beaches on the west and high, rocky cliffs on the east.

Long Island is a fishing, diving, and boating paradise. It's many lovely, untouched pink- and white-sand beaches are also ideal for beachgoers. Dean's Blue Hole, the world's deepest known saltwater blue hole, is also located on the island.


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